Established in 2004, Zenith Safety System is a leading manufacturer of technically advanced pressure relief products (rupture disk and pressure safety valve), exclusively designed and developed for a miscellany of processes, incorporating chemical, petrochemical, textile, petroleum, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, industrial gases, and other local industries as well as a global one. The solitary objective of the honor (Mr. Hari Panchal) behind the occurrence of the Zenith Safety System is to deliver unmatched pressure management life safety and equipment protection solutions that are excellent in protecting people, plants, processes, and the environment.

The endeavors and commitment of Zenith team members and the backing of the sophisticated facilities in Ankaleshwar, Gujarat, India, give Zenith a platform to convey excellence in every end product. Besides that, 40+ years of experience of Mr. Hari Panchal in manufacturing is the strength of the organization, empowering him to deliver solutions for the toughest applications too. Every rupture disc and pressure safety valve at the Zenith Safety System is manufactured utilizing proven manufacturing processes, whilst tested through a third party (Bureau Varits) as per ISO standards. Hence, every proposed rupture disc or pressure safety valve at Zenith Safety System assured the highest quality, reliability, and exceptional performance throughout its lifespan.

Our Values

  • Caring for our personnel and customers
  • Innovative designed solutions
  • Safety in configuration, safety at work
  • Reliable delivery, on time every time
  • Trust us to deliver and surpass your expectations
  • Customer centric in all we do

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