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Established in 2004, Zenith Safety System is a leading manufacturer of technically advanced pressure relief products (rupture disk and pressure safety valve), exclusively designed and developed for a miscellany of processes, incorporating chemical, petrochemical, textile, petroleum, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, industrial gases, and other local industries as well as a global one. The solitary objective of the honor (Mr. Hari Panchal) behind the occurrence of the Zenith Safety System is to deliver unmatched pressure management life safety and equipment protection solutions that are excellent in protecting people, plants, processes, and the environment.

Our Vision

To continually introduce technologically advanced pressure safety system that will maintain safety in the workplace and reliably meets and surpass industry standard expectations and thusly be the world’s renowned pressure safety experts.

Our Mission

To provide best in class pressure safety system, leading the way in safety, reliability, and cost, accompanied with unmatched customer service and support.

Quality Assurance

We are committed to the quality and conformance of our rupture disk and pressure safety valve to ISO standards is strong evidence of the same.


Safety Valve for Pressure Vessel Manufacturer

This is a composite disk comprised of three-part :

  1. A slotted metal top section is the pressure-controlling element.
  2. A Teflon seal isolates the top section from the process.
  3.  The slotted metal bottom section will withstand vacuum. The flat design minimizes possibility of the disk damage during installation. This rupture disk is suitable for Chemical Reactors, heat exchangers & in textile process house machinery.
Rupture Disk For Pressure Vessel Surat

The simplicity of the ZD Rupture Disk holder design incorporates several features which allow easy installation. Asymmetric alignment pins in the Disk holder mate with location holes in the rupture disk, thus eliminating incorrect installation and slippage. The flat set design in combination with a metal-to-metal “bite type” seal provides a leak-tight system. The ZD holder and rupture disk are easily pre-assembled with side lugs.

Available in S.S.304 & S. S.316

Safety Valve Pop Type-ZV


Safety valve model ZV is a high-lift safety valve with stainless steel seat, valve body, and internals suitable for use on steam, air, and water. ZV is a pressure relief valve actuated by rapid opening or pop-action.


Available sizes : 20mm (under development)

25mm ( G Orifice )

40mm (J Orifice )

End connections : screwed BSPT

Limiting conditions :

Min. blow off pressure 1.0 bar g

Max. blow off pressure 14 bar g


The safety valve is normally set at a pressure that is 10% above the working pressure of the system. This is referred to as the set pressure, at which the oozing of the steam starts. When the system pressure reaches blow-off pressure the safety valve opens to its full lift to discharge at full capacity. The valve closes at reset pressure.

1.4 Manufactured and Tested as per ISO-4126-1.Third-Party inspection by Bureau Veritas.

Safety Valve Manufacturer In Surat

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